T BAYA Phuket – Classy Lifestyle Fashion

Deeply rooted in Peranakan traditions with a commitment to excellence, T BAYA Phuket is a batik and women’s tailor shop offering the utmost in textile designs and imported batik sarongs from Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as local Thai batik and sarongs. T BAYA Phuket offers classy lifestyle fashion with a vintage take on local favorites.

Founded in 1995, T BAYA Phuket is a Thai family owned business that has gone from strength to strength for over 25 years. T BAYA is short for Thai Baba Yaya, also the name of the Peranakan community that inhabits Phuket. It’s a name that is synonymous with Thai-Chinese people that live in Phuket and the unique customs, culture and fashion that they brought to the island.

Originally a tailor shop run out of the family’s home, T BAYA Phuket has gained a reputation as Phuket’s elite one stop shop for sourcing local premium fabric. T BAYA Phuket specializes in Thai silk, Thai batik and sarong, and also imported batik and sarong textiles from both Indonesia and Malaysia.

T BAYA Phuket prides itself on our unique concepts and designs, as well as our detail-oriented service. Our passion lies in Thai batik, and we strive to create designs that will allow batik to become international fashion.

Inspired by sarong and batik fabric, our designs are modern yet classic with vintage appeal. T BAYA Phuket specializes in the Peranakan fashions of Baba, Yaya and Kebaya designed in such a way that the outfits can be worn every day or can also be made a bit more fancy with accessories for a night on the town or a special occasion. Our innovative vision focuses on providing classic, elegant, functional sarong and batik wear for shopping, routine life, fancy and special occasions as well as a day at the beach. T BAYA Phuket specializes in batik fabrics including sarong dresses, sarong beachwear, sarong bathing suits and a variety of excellent batik and sarong-based clothing.

T Baya Phuket offers a variety of services including the design and tailoring of high quality, imported batik and sarongs, including gorgeous textiles sourced from Indonesia and Malaysia. The shop also focuses on local textiles and fabrics and sells top quality Thai silk, as well as the unique fabrics and textiles from Northeast and Northern Thailand. We are also well known for our batik sarongs with art painted on them, and we sell all accessories to accompany our Baba, Yaya and Kebaya fashion.

With a design concept deeply rooted in Peranakan traditions, a love for textiles, and a commitment to delivering the very best in batik and sarong fashion, T BAYA Phuket showcases the utmost in classy lifestyle fashion with vintage appeal from Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Located in Kathu district of Phuket, T Baya Phuket has offered premium textile designs since 1995. We look forward to serving you as we see our passion turn in to international fashion. We look forward to welcoming you.